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Your Website Marketing Strategy:
Build Your Business Online

How to Build a Web Site?

An effective website marketing strategy is important for today's marketplace (both global and local). Successful business owners build business websites to reach customers. And learning to build websites is easier than you think.

In today's business environment, almost all small businesses need a good online strategy.

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How to Build Business Websites?

If you don't have an online business yet, you probably should. There is the mistaken belief that online business is for companies doing business globally, but in today's environment local geographic online businesses are booming. You can build a successful website business too, using effective on-line marketing services.

The steps to building your business website include producing good design with easy to use navigation and great content. You need to do some work to build strong traffic to your site. Good internet marketing experts will tell you that the key to achieving a high page rank for your marketing website's page is content. And achieving a high page rank is important to you because that's what helps you get traffic. Once you have good, compelling content and traffic to your site, you will need to sell, or pre-sell, your visitor, which leads to monetization of your site (and your online business).

Surprisingly (to me), I have found that some internet marketing service providers do not know what they are talking about. By the way, some website developers or designers do not necessarily know much about creating a high traffic website either. So when I started to investigate website development, I found a lot of conflicting information.

The end result: I decided to follow my own website marketing strategy and build a website myself.

Learning to Build Websites:

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Do you have the time, commitment and energy to build your own website? Does your business need a website presence but you don't feel you have the money to have one built? Can you remain focused on your goals? If you answered yes to all or most of those questions, then I highly recommend that you consider SiteSell's Site Build It for building your own website.

By building your own site with SiteBuild It, you will invest a reasonable sum of money and learn about website development, the internet and a whole new vocabulary; and you will build yourself, and your business, a high performing small business website.

How to Build Web Site?

I thought I would have to hire an internet marketing specialist to create my small business website; that is to develop the design and content, find the best web host for my site, build traffic to the site, and handle countless other details.

But, no, I became the specialist for my website by using SiteSell's SiteBuild It.

It wasn't very easy; but it was do-able. It wasn't fast; but with focus and determination you can get your basic site up within months. And by building the website myself, I was able to learn about internet marketing strategies and to build an effective website (okay, so it's not the most beautiful site, but effectiveness ranks higher than beauty in the business world).

Disclosure: If you purchase the SiteBuild It (SBI) template and web hosting package through my website, I receive a small affiliate commission for leading you to SBI.

However, I am not recommending SBI because I want to earn money from it; I'm recommending it (strongly) because it's worked very well for me in building websites (Organic Food for Everyone, Build Your Own Computer, and this site, More for Small Business). (I also used SBI's website marketing strategy to build two other sites: The Dog Biscuit and Natural Old Home Remedies that are now owned and managed by new website publishers.)

And the guidance, templates, tools and tactics that I've received from the SBI package are outstanding and have helped me to build solid traffic to each of my sites.

I put my website marketing strategy at the top of my business action plan, and it's worked for me. It can work for your business too.

My business is advising small businesses in managing and successfully growing their business. My advice is to buy SBI and build your own site.

However if you feel you cannot invest the time into building your own site, SBI has consulting services to put your site up for you.

Small business owners in almost any, and every industry, need to develop high value marketing websites to help them sell their products and services and to help them raise awareness of their brand. Make your online business presence part of your marketing plan; it will help your business grow.

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Build Your Business

Most business owners don't have the time to deal with all the marketing strategies and tactics that will help them to grow their business.

However, you need to invest your time, and resources, into building your marketing to support your business growth.

One (and many in today's environment believe it's the number one) marketing tactic is to build a website that is engaging, with great (and original) content that provides information that your clients, and prospective clients, need and want.

An Effective Website Helps Your Business Grow

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Original Website Content

Make sure that the content you develop and write for your website is original (rather than copied or duplicated).

Your site visitor or audience wants to read content that is informative, compelling and that isn't simply a re-write of material that can be found elsewhere.

If you hire specialists to write your content, make sure that you buy the copyright to the content and that you have an agreement with your writer that the content will be original material and will not be sold or used elsewhere.

Search engines 'penalize' duplicate, thin (very minimal), and irrelevant (that is, writing that doesn't fit the topic) content; it is important to develop your site professionally.