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More For Small Business
Owners + Managers

More for Small Business: find resources such as marketing swot analysis, sample cash flow statement, pricing strategies, human resources, customer service tips, and more. Opening a small business, and managing it, is challenging and rewarding.

Use effective management strategy and small business ideas to grow and strengthen your organization.

As an entrepreneur, you want to do more, with less. Less time wasted. More resources, more advice, more services, more ideas and more strategies.

More for small business provides you with information and access to specific, solutions-based resources to help you in running your organization effectively and successfully.

And, during weak economic activity, or an economic recession, you can also learn survival strategies (using templates and samples, such as a sample cash flow statement or sample business plan) that are available on this site.

Are you struggling to manage your business?

Do you work more hours in a day in your operation than you can count on both hands? When your friends (who work regular 8 to 5 jobs) talk about work-life balance, do you wonder ... what's that? And mean it?

Start doing things differently!

Start working more efficiently; get more work done, in less time!

If you work long days and nights in your enterprise,it is controlling you.
Get the control back!

opening a small businessWhen you put in all those hours, you'd think that business must be good. But often it's a sign of things going wrong (you're just too busy to see it). And if your operation is really doing well, then getting a handle on the amount of time you spend IN your organization will let you run it more effectively.


Opening a Small Business? Or Need Help to Manage Your Business?

Small business startup failures are high in year one. And unfortunately, more organizations will shut down before their fifth year anniversary.

Other operations fail because they can't handle fast growth; or because they can't grow. (Note: Doing a marketing SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) can help you understand how to manage SWOT for growth.)

Don't let your business become one of these failures!

If you're opening a small business, or wanting to know how to start a small business, then make sure you understand how to organize and manage your operation from the start - it will save you time, energy and money!

You likely got into your business because you had a passion, and a talent, for it. You are a specialist in your field. But you're finding less and less time to do what you love because you're spending more and more time doing all the other things that have to get done; successful administration and management of your organization takes time.

The Importance of Strategy and Marketing SWOT Analysis

Believe it, or not, opening a small business was the easier part of ownership; now you have to manage it. You have to continue to build strategies, measure results, and adjust plans. And in today's business climate, you need to know how to complete a marketing SWOT analysis; build competitive pricing strategies; create stronger product and service plans; manage people and understand the role of human resources; and prepare your organization to manage its way through the good times and the tough times (from being oversold to surviving a recession cycle).

From paperwork, to creating plans, selling, hiring (and firing), operating equipment, to managing your cash flow, and your time ... the details or reality of running a small business can slow (or drag) you down. And if you're trying to learn more for small business (including efficiently opening a small business), this is also the right place to be.

Strategy planning and, then implementing strategy, through effective managing techniques range from understanding how to survive challenges; how to create vision statements; how to do value chain analysis; develop marketing plans; use guerilla marketing tactics; define market share; calculate profit margins; develop pricing strategies; use a sample cash flow statement to set up your own cash management system; and much more. It can be pretty overwhelming.

On this site, you can learn how to run your small business, before it runs you.

More for small business.com
can be a significant resource for you.

My name is Kris Bovay and I have worked in, and on, businesses for more than 25 years. I have a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience in small, medium and large organizations.

From a functional perspective, I am highly capable in a number of areas: strategy, management, operations, manufacturing, customer service, marketing, building pricing strategy, developing networks and building your community, creating and managing sales, defining the role of human resources, planning, and, of course, managing your time. I'm not that fond of accounting and administration - although I like money and calculating profit - as a small business owner myself I know enough to do what I have to do (and get help when needed).

And I work with great associates in a number of other areas (for example, lean manufacturing, accounting, continuous quality improvement, graphic design, and coaching). Okay, enough about me. This site is for you: small business owners and managers.

More for Small Business Resources

Clients who have found these resources useful are those owners or managers who don't have the hours in a day to do everything that needs to get done.

If you are an entrepreneur who finds that no matter how much you do, there is always more to do, then review the resources on this site; they can help you manage and operate more effectively.

These are challenging times. We're operating in a fast-moving, fast-changing environment. Competition is stronger than ever, and it's global competition. The More For Small Business site will provide you with great resources and access to information to help you succeed; it provides more for small business.

For example, to help your business perform better; create high performance teams that are focused on achieving specific goals. Then you need to ensure that you manage (and lead) those teams to gain a competitive advantage that is sustainable and that helps your business grow, successfully.

And are you aware of the importance of minimizing business risk? Businesses operating in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom need to consider the protection that business insurance offers. This is even more necessary for small businesses which are at higher risk for failure if an event occurs that could have been protected through adequate insurance and disaster recovery planning.

As a small business owner, it can be overwhelming to consider all the requirements of operating your business.

I've been where you're at and done what you're doing too ... worked 18 hours days, six or seven days a week. Always thinking, 'things are going toget better' or 'I'll hire someone next month to help out'. The reality is you burn down and out with that kind of thinking. And your business won't get better, or stronger, or more successful.

The More For Small Business website has been developed to provide more for you! Use the resources available throughout the site.

Are you opening a small business and you've built your strategic plan but you're not sure if it's effective? Or are you running your business but the plan and reality just aren't matching up?

For a limited period of time, you can receive an
Evaluation of your Business Planat no cost from More For Small Business.

Visit this link Tips for Starting a Business for a free (really, no strings attached) offer to review and help you improve your results.

Take the time to explore the More For Small Business site - you'll find solutions to some of your most significant challenges.

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