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Voice Marketing Inc.

Business and Marketing Services for Small Business

Voice Marketing Inc. provides small business owners with support and services in building effective strategy in business; including strategy, operations and marketing plan development and implementation.

As a marketing consultant specializing in small business growth, I've worked with many business owners to assess, develop and implement plans to support their businesses.

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Our Unique Value Proposition

For small business owners who don't have the time, or the knowledge, to build their own marketing or business plans, Voice Marketing works with you to build plans, strategies and tactics to grow your business.

Unlike other business consultants, Voice marketing and business services offers business-specific depth that comes from the successful leadership of business in both the service and manufacturing industries, and from work in large to small businesses. The result for you is highly targeted action plans that are tightly aligned to your goals.

Services We Provide:

  • Business Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Planning and/or Reviews of Existing Plans and Actions
  • Cross-Media Marketing and Communications: coordination and implementation of the Marketing Plan actions, tactics and strategies
  • Business Diagnostic: a review of your existing business activities, strategies and plans
  • Operations Planning and Review

Features, Advantages and Benefits
of Working with Voice Marketing Services

marketing services

Service: Business Strategic Planning

Feature: We will prepare and/or review the business' strategic plan. Or we can coach you on how to write an effective strategic business plan.

Advantage: What this means to you is that you can keep focused on running your business because outsourcing the preparation and/or review of the plan will save you resources (time, effort and money). Being coached on how to write the plan will mean that you can produce a professional, targeted plan much more quickly and effectively than building it through trial and error.

Benefit: This outsourcing will result in a professional business plan for you to implement; one that includes an action plan to follow to achieve the results that you need and want. You will have measurement tools in place and feel in control of your business and the direction it is heading.

Service: Marketing Planning

Feature: We will prepare and/or review the business' marketing plan. Or we can coach you on how to write a marketing plan that works. We also can do sections of the plan that you may not know how, or have time, to do: such as the market segmentation, competitive analysis, market opportunity analysis, pricing strategy development, promotional strategy development, and more.

Advantage: What this means to you is that you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your business while professional marketing specialists work on preparing, or helping you prepare, the marketing plan. By outsourcing the preparation of all or part of the plan, a review of the existing plan, or by being coached on how to write the marketing plan, you will save resources (time, effort and money) and you will get a plan that works.

Benefit: With an effective marketing plan in place, you will be able to focus on implementing the plan which will allow you to feel confident about achieving your business goals.

Service: Cross-Media Marketing and Communications

Feature: We offer both all-inclusive cross-media or single-media marketing and communications service coordination for clients by outsourcing to specialists and managing the process.

These services include:

  • Multi-attribute cross media campaigns to include the most targeted and best-response marketing for your challenge (for example, an all-inclusive marketing campaign might include social networking, print, website content and design, signage, product planning, events, and more).
  • Single-media projects such as website design, website content development, email marketing campaigns, newsletter content writing and distribution, social media posts, and more.

For multi-attribute cross media campaigns: What this means to you is that you do not need to keep up with, and invest the time in, ever-changing, fast-paced marketing and communication media tactics; within your budget, we will select and implement your marketing campaign from the right bundle of cross-media services.
For single-media projects: What this means to you is that you don't need to know how to do everything well! You can outsource certain business and marketing processes to more effectively, and efficiently, deliver what you need.

For multi-attribute cross-media campaigns: Which means that the recognition of your brand in your marketplace will grow much more quickly than if you try to handle these services yourself; which means you will have more time to focus on managing your business.
For single-media projects: Which means that you can source new-media and/or traditional media strategies and tactics that work most effectively for your business and provide the market reach that you need, without having to invest the resources into learning the fast-evolving media channels. It will cost you less in time, effort and money and you'll feel confident that you will get better results.

Service: Business Diagnostic

Feature: We will conduct a business diagnostic to define and target your business challenge(s) and opportunities. These could be internal (e.g. organizational) or external (e.g. marketplace or economic) challenges and opportunities. A look at what, where, why, how, when and who.

Advantage: What this means to your business is that the diagnostic will help you to build an effective road map for your business; focusing it on the best direction to go.

Benefit: By narrowing your focus and maximizing your resources, you will free up time to do more of what you do best.

Service: Operations Planning

Feature: We will prepare and/or review the business' operations plan. Or we can coach you on how to write an efficient operational plan. This includes a look at workflow, standard operations procedures, safety programs, quality management, lean manufacturing principles and sustainable workplace practices.

Advantage: What this means to you is that you can improve your operation through a standardization of practices and by enabling streamlined processes. We will review best practices and benchmarking to improve your operation.

Benefit: This outsourcing will allow you to access experienced operational leadership and fast-track the improvement process. You will be able to more quickly see, feel and experience continuous improvement in your operation.

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