Sample Performance Evaluations

Include An Employee Development Plan for Effective Goal Setting

Sample performance evaluations (and a written example of employee evaluation), are good at demonstrating how to do effective appraisals. Use samples as a template to prepare your employee performance evaluation forms and make sure that all appraisals include an employee development plan.

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Reviewing sample performance evaluations are a good way to learn what to do, and what not to do in a review.

Put yourself in the employee's position and visualize how you would feel receiving that review?

You can find sample reviews or appraisals on many human resource association sites; below you can find a written example of employee evaluation.

Sample Performance Evaluation:

An excerpt from a Customer Service employee review (highlights only).

Good Performance (good should always come first)

  1. A team player
  2. Well liked by customers and co-workers
  3. Good phone manner, handles a high volume of calls daily (the highest of all CSRS)
  4. Reliable, always at work on time, can count on him/her to be there when needed. 100% attendance and on-time performance.
  5. Good computer skills and knowledge

Areas for Improvement

  1. Accuracy of pricing needs improvement: about 10% of orders are priced incorrectly
  2. Improve processing of orders - do it right the first time (about 12% of orders are sent back due to incomplete information)
  3. Develop more product knowledge in order to assist customers with their orders and alternatives

Employee Development Plan and Goals

(as they relate to improvement items; there might be other business goals still to be included)

  1. Reduce pricing errors - to only 1% of orders (try to slow down and check own work more closely)
  2. Improve processing of orders - to less than 1% of orders with incomplete information (try to slow down and check own work more closely)
  3. Spend time with the sales representative and learn more about our products' features, advantages and benefits from the customer perspective

As much as possible, goals should be measurable and they should be understood and agreed upon by both the employee and the manager. Set goals that are reasonable and achievable.

Also, ensure that the goals are related to your small business plan and strategy; this will enable your employee to understand the relevance between his/her performance and business growth and results.

Communication and the Employee Development Plan

Allow the employee to have a voice in the evaluation. Ask him or her to write down what they think they did well for the period under review and what they think they need to improve.

Consider this to be a coaching opportunity: discuss the performance with your employee and develop a plan of action. Make sure your employee understands the key result areas for the position (from the job description).

Remember that in many businesses, performance is tied to employee compensation. Good performance may merit an increase. Poor performance will not. Employees that are motivated by money will be disappointed if they don't get the tangible recognition (a bonus or salary increase) for good performance.

Use the evaluation process as a learning opportunity for your employee and yourself. It is particularly important to do performance evaluations on a consistent and regular basis: semi-annually is good for a new employee (keep it short and focused on measurable outcomes) and annually after the employee has been with the business for one or two years.

In business, human resources are your most valuable asset. Focus on improving employee performance.

Use Sample Performance Evaluations to help you prepare and deliver effective performance appraisals.

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