Importance of Time Management –
One Key to Productivity

What is the Definition of Time Management?

Understanding the importance of time management and learning how to manage stress share a strong relationship. Work with a change management consultant and conduct a time management exercise to improve productivity in the workplace. What is the definition of time management?

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Understanding the true importance of time management is a big part of creating a more effective work life. As a manager or entrepreneur, you know how important it is to manage your time.

importance of time management,how to manage stress

But many people never fully grasp what a significant difference time management can make, so they never get to enjoy the full benefits that come from applying time management principles to every area of life.

Make sure that you focus on the importance of managing your time; the result will benefit you and your business.

Understanding The Relationship to Productivity
Begins with a Definition of Time Management

To understand why time management is important, you need to clarify what it really is to you. Time management is about applying a structure to make efficient use of your time; allowing you to complete your most important tasks first, and in a shorter period of time.

Managing your time is about using techniques and structure to be more efficient; for example, to do the most important tasks first, to streamline processes, eliminating activities that are time wasting; and more.

Once you manage and control your time effectively, you will be more productive and efficient in your business.

Time Management and How to Manage Stress:

importance of time management, balancing time

One of the most frequent causes of stress for small business owners is lack of time and resources. By learning how to better manage time you can control or eliminate that stress.

Working with a change management consultant or coach can help you develop better time management skills. A coach can help you assess where you can improve your work processes to minimize wasting time and to increase efficiencies.

Your time is limited; it is always decreasing. Sometimes, when life is going well, we have a tendency to feel like time is infinite but logically we know that's not the case. While the feeling of infinite time can be pleasant, it’s often not helpful when it comes to productivity.

Procrastination often is a result of a lack of consciousness about how limited our time really is. Sometimes it is a result of feeling overwhelmed by the task or activity.

You end up putting the work off until you have more time to accomplish what needs to be done, but by putting it off you most likely have less time to complete the task.

A Time Management Exercise

Understanding the ideas behind time management is essential, but you can only really appreciate the importance of time management fully when you see the effects it can have on your business and on your life.

So use this simple time management exercise to create some real life results that will demonstrate the positive affect of managing your time.

importance of time management, running out of time

Simply write out a "To Do" list of tasks (they should all be small enough that you can complete one or several of them within a day) and then number them in importance.

Then arrange your working day so that you start with number one on the list, and see it through to completion. Then move on to number two.

Repeat this every day for a week and see the results for yourself. The importance of time management to your work-life balance and to productivity in your workplace needs to be recognized.

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