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Why are On-Line Marketing Services
So Important to Small Businesses?

The Importance of Learning How To Build Website

Use on-line marketing services to sell goods and services online and to build your online brand. Learn how to build website and promote awareness of your business. Your focus on niche internet marketing will help you build a stronger business identity and reputation.

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If you use on-line marketing services to sell your products or services, you will be able to do so with lower distribution and marketing costs than traditional marketing methods.

Use a Niche Internet Marketing Focus:

On-line marketing services are necessary for small business owners who are moving into the online world.

For example, branding sites, shopping sites, social media sites (including blogs or forums), and information sites are just a small part of this overall internet marketplace.

Even if you do not want to sell online, in today's marketplace it's essential to have an online presence: it's like a digital storefront!

Learn How To Build Website

Why Should Your Business Go On-line?

Because your marketing reach is greater (it becomes global, rather than local, regional or national) through professional website marketing strategies and other on-line services than compared to traditional marketing.

And, because cost on a per-potential-customer basis is significantly less through on-line marketing services.

Building an effective internet marketing program for your business requires a creative and targeted web site marketing strategy based on niche marketing principles.

To sell effectively through your site, you need to:

Build Your Reputation

  • Be considered a trustworthy vendor; by building strong trust and credibility through your business relationships.

    Ask your customers for references, and post those on-line. Participate in awards programs and post online when you win awards.

    Look for ways to demonstrate your credibility (of course you must genuinely earn it first).

  • Have an outstanding service and fulfillment program; one that is better than your competition.

  • Have a good warranty program and a great guarantee plan.

  • Price your product at the 'right' level - make sure that your pricing strategy is aligned with your product or service marketing program.

  • Customers need to recognize, and be able to identify, your value to them in providing solutions (i.e. benefits).

Focus on Benefits

  • Position your product or service effectively for the market; and ensure that your clearly communicate your unique value proposition.

  • Develop your product differentiation strategy using niche marketing tactics.

  • Overcome your customers' fear of poor online security; provide evidence of your security measures.

  • Overcome the inability of your customers' to touch, feel, test, taste, smell the product before buying (a good guarantee and return program will help) by using testimonials and video or audio demonstrations.

  • Ensure that you provide good customer service follow-up post-sale; use what you learn through research and surveys to improve your site and your sales.

  • Be consistent in all of your efforts however also be flexible and willing to adapt.

Importance of Following Your Strategy

Use your strategic plan, your small business plan, your sales plan, and your marketing plan to build website marketing strategies for your specific business niche. Understand clearly how your service or product positioning, product differentiation and product life-cycle fits with your website marketing strategies; and with your niche internet marketing.

Your web site marketing strategy should not be focused on just putting up a web site and hoping it will get you results.

You need to understand how to build content that will draw customers and readers; a site that will draw traffic. And you also need to ensure that your online sales structure is robust and secure to use.

With enough traffic or site visitors, you can increase your sales opportunities; this is as effective online whether it is business to business selling or business to consumer selling.

On-Line Marketing Services:
To Drive Traffic to Your Site, You Will Need to:

  • create compelling content;
  • understand the power of keywords;
  • set up an accessible site (easy to navigate and not 'slow to load');
  • use an advertising and social media program (for example, banner ads, press releases, article writing campaigns, ad words, backlinks or email marketing);
  • optimize your site so that the search engines will find it and rank it well.

Your business can use on-line marketing services to sell goods and services online, to promote awareness of your business, to build a strong business brand, to sell other business products or services through affiliation programs. (And you can build a professional website through a range of services. You can even build free websites and upload through a low-cost host (although often 'free' contains other costs; such as effectiveness).

Building an effective on-line marketing program for your business needs to be a key web site marketing strategy for you; done properly, it will help your business growth.

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Build Your Business

Most business owners don't have the time to deal with all the marketing strategies and tactics that will help them to grow their business.

However, you need to invest your time, and resources, into building your marketing to support your business growth.

One (and many in today's environment believe it's the number one) marketing tactic is to build a website that is engaging, with great (and original) content that provides information that your clients, and prospective clients, need and want.

An Effective Website Helps Your Business Grow

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Original Website Content

Make sure that the content you develop and write for your website is original (rather than copied or duplicated).

Your site visitor or audience wants to read content that is informative, compelling and that isn't simply a re-write of material that can be found elsewhere.

If you hire specialists to write your content, make sure that you buy the copyright to the content and that you have an agreement with your writer that the content will be original material and will not be sold or used elsewhere.

Search engines 'penalize' duplicate, thin (very minimal), and irrelevant (that is, writing that doesn't fit the topic) content; it is important to develop your site professionally.