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Effective Business Networking Techniques that Work

How to Build Better Connections?
Follow a Road Map

Business networking techniques help you build stronger connections, associations and relationships. Understanding what is business networking, and how it differs from online social networking, is important to your business.

Professional networking is a learned skill; there are differences between face-to-face networking (often a challenge to get your message across in short introductions), business networking online, and social networking (which is primarily online).

From peer networks to strategic alliances, effective networks will help you build your business.

Do you want to learn how to network more effectively?

Do you know how to introduce yourself, and your business, in a way that's memorable and differentiates you from the crowd?

Learn new face-to-face business networking techniques for building a strong network!

Have you ever attended an event that was promoted as a great networking opportunity and left an hour later thinking "what a waste of time"?

If you're like most business people today, you don't have enough time in your day to do everything that needs to be done but you do want to grow your business.

Networking can help you grow your business.
You just need to learn
the right business networking techniques.

In today's hectic environment, business people want to get the most out of their time. What's the point of giving out a lot of business cards at events or meetings if you don't know what to say or do when you give the cards out?

If someone asks you, "what do you do?", do you know how to answer in a memorable way - one that differentiates you from all the others in the room? Do you provide your name, your job title and the company? That's simply not enough; and in fact, it's not interesting enough to engage anyone listening. And if you can't engage, then you aren't networking effectively (and the chances are that your business card will be forgotten shortly after you leave the event).

What's the primary purpose of networking?
To connect with good quality referrals.

Getting good quality referrals can help you not only in increasing sales but also in expanding your markets, developing new products and services, finding the right financial services and support, understanding and acquiring the computer services necessary, looking for new employees, and more. Learn effective business networking techniques to help you develop new business contacts and grow your business.

business networking techniques

Successful people use networking not only to grow business, but also to find new jobs, make new connections, and both broaden and deepen their contacts.

Find the right network for you and your needs.

Then, go to your next networking session confident that it will not be a waste of time; because you will know how to use the successful business networking techniques and tactics covered in this book.

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Limited Time Offer: $17.00 USD for downloadable PDF AND Free Bonus "Who am I?" condensed workbook (by understanding your strengths and weaknesses you will network more effectively and improve your business results); plus tax where applicable.

Some Topic Highlights:

  1. Do you know the Top Ten Successful Networking Secrets?
  2. Do you understand the Top Five Key Steps of Effective Networking
  3. Do you find it difficult finding the perfect contact?
  4. Do you know how, and why, to Build Strategic Alliances?
  5. Can you Identify Your Ideal Client? (If you can't, how are you going to find clients who are ideal for your business?)
  6. Can you define your Features, Advantages and Benefits in a way that makes it easy for potential clients to buy from you?
  7. Do you know how to make the Perfect Presentation in front of one, or many, potential clients?
  8. Do you know how to do a Business and/or Product/Service Spotlight that will bring you more sales and/or sales leads?
  9. Have you figured out how to build both face-to-face and online networks?

You will learn all of this, and more, in

Business Networking Techniques That Work:
How to Build Better Connections and
Grow Your Business

Free Bonus:

peer to peer networks

When you buy Business Networking Techniques That Work; you will also receive a Free workbook that helps you define who you are from the perspective of your strengths and weaknesses.

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Limited Time Offer:$17.00 USD for downloadable PDF AND Free Bonus "Who am I?" condensed workbook; plus tax where applicable.

Knowing yourself better, and understanding the implications of that knowledge, will help you build a stronger, more successful business. Do what you love to do (and what you're good at); then outsource or hire employees to do the rest; you'll find your return on investment (ROI) is significant.

Qualified referrals that you receive through effective networking are much more likely to result in sales (or result in whatever your most wanted response is: a new job, access to finance, new employees and more): every business needs to build its own networking and referral strategy. This book can help you build your networking strategy, effectively.

Networking is about relationship building.

Get out of your comfort zone. Learn how to introduce yourself and your business to your network. Develop your connections and get the best referrals possible: to new pre-warmed, and even hot, prospects.

Find out how and where to meet new partners and why strategic alliances with those complementary partners can help you to connect with the right prospects. Develop the relationship skills that help you to get the specific referrals you need.

Learn how to market yourself, as well as your business. Have you built an effective 30 seconds introduction for you; and your business? How about a 60 seconds introduction? Do you know how to build that introduction so that you will be remembered, even days or weeks after you've met someone new? Do you understand the importance of being remembered positively; and the impact that can have on your business?

Do you understand the importance of both giving and receiving referrals?

These are all strategies, tips and tactics for
effective relationship building that
you will learn when you purchase the 99-page book,

Business Networking Techniques that Work!

The first step is to improve your personal marketing skills: invest time into strengthening your networking tactics to get the best business referrals. Choosing the right network is the second step - learning how to choose the right network for you and your business is critical to your success. Not all networks are created equal: effective networks do require regular meetings (weekly or every other week); attendance; referrals, exclusivity, coaching and feedback.

Proven and winning strategies to build relationships through networking will come from the quality of the network's leadership and facilitators, as well as the commitment of the participants to learning and growing.

Still need to be convinced that networking is
important to your success?

Here is what others have to say about building effective business networking techniques and about this book:

As a long time member of Focused Networking I have sat as a pupil, at the feet of the Master Networker, Donna Willon for years and continue to be amazed by her wisdom on the topic of networking. Donna taught me the importance of strategic alliances and helped me build such an alliance which pumps a steady stream of referrals business into my practice almost daily.

Christopher G. Green

Barrister & Solicitor

Greenway Legal Centre


A $10 Million Phone Number. Thanks Donna!

I was given a number at one of Donna's networking events which led to over $10 million in business in the first year; and has produced that much or more ever since. The reputation that I developed from that one contact led to similar leads, and that year I finished ninth in Canada in total deal volume with my company.

Donna's understanding of business relationships and knowing which ones work, and which don't, helped create a great networking environment. Being part of Donna's network helped me launch a mortgage career that now produces over $100 million a year in business volume. I was named the top producing mortgage broker in Canada for 2008 (according to CMP Magazine) and it all started with one name and number. Thanks Donna.

Peter Kinch Mortgage Team


Peter Kinch is the author of Mortgage Minute


Developing a unique value proposition (UVP) was the single most important strategic marketing step that our association took last year; and Kris Bovay helped us to develop our association's UVP. We put it on our website and into our publications and marketing materials. Using various and applicable examples, we also use it to give our sales letters/e-mails added strength.

The value proposition is a great tool especially if you keep it current with up-to-date examples. Use the template in Business Networking Techniques to build your unique value proposition - it is the foundation on which you can build your effective differentiation and positioning strategies to grow your business.

Marilynn Knoch

Executive Director

BC Printing & Imaging Association


When I started up 'Say It Now' five years ago, I wondered how I was ever going to market a brand new company without it costing me a big bank loan. Someone really sharp gave me great advice. "Join Donna Willon's Focused Networking Group". Best marketing decision I made that first year. Got the attention of 20 new prospects all at the same time, saved big bucks, developed a great reputation over that first year, and I have never looked back!

Anne Stadnyk

Say It NOW

Networking will help you grow your business

If you depend on people to buy from you; or sell to you; or to work with, and for, you, then you need to belong to a network. The key to effective networking is to work at it until it becomes easy, natural and genuine. Use proven and winning networking techniques to develop your relationships.

So what are you waiting for? Buy now:

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Limited Time Offer:
$17.00 USD for downloadable PDF AND
Free Bonus "Who am I?" condensed workbook;
plus tax where applicable.

business networking techniques

Find proven, winnable business networking techniques that will help you to make the right contacts and connections for your business growth!

This book is written and published by three well respected professionals with many years experience in networking, business consulting and management, and in helping business owners grow their organizations successfully. In the true spirit of networking, Donna, Kris and Lorne have built a strategic alliance (a key successful networking strategy) to write this book:

Donna Willon, Focused Networking Ltd., master networker (also known as the Queen of Networking), builder of 16 successful networks and successful small business owner;

Kris Bovay, principal of Voice Marketing Inc. and business leader and marketing consultant with more than 25 years of experience with small, medium and large businesses; and

Lorne Patterson, owner of Patterson + Associates and Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified General Accountant and senior executive with exceptional business building experiences.

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I strongly recommend using the business networking techniques in the workbook to build your face-to-face skills and get the results you need but in today's digital, online environment it's also necessary to promote your business through social networks and to develop business networking online skills. Read more about those skills in the community section of this website. Sincerely, Kris Bovay, owner of more-for-small-business.com and voice-marketing.ca.

Or return from Business Networking Techniques to read about Defining Social Networking and its impact on your business.

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