Types of Time Management Sheets

Effective Time Management Techniques

Time management sheets are useful for managing time. One of the best ways to manage stress is to build effective time management techniques. Working with a small business advisor will help you focus on important time management activities.

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One of a number of effective time management techniques includes using activity logs or worksheets.

Once you begin to log your activities, and the time you spend to complete them, you will get a much clearer picture of where, and what, you spend your time on – from the more important tasks to the less important tasks.

time management sheets

There are also various time management activities which, coupled with these sheets, can help you be many times more productive and efficient in a short period of time.

Focusing on what needs to be done, and the priority of each activity, is one of the first steps you need to take to improve productivity in the workplace.

Time Management Activities

Trying to manage your time is one of the ways to manage stress; when you are more in control of your time, you are more in control of stress levels. Many small business owners and managers find themselves stretched in many directions while managing their business – it's hard to do everything yourself.

Once you've started tracking your activities, assess whether or not there are some tasks that are best-suited for outsourcing. For example, work with a small business advisor to fast-track your strategic planning. Or hire a website developer to build, or improve, your site.

Priority Planning: Time Management Sheets

A big part of being effective in your use of time involves making sure your most important priorities get dealt with first. If you have a consistent problem with looming deadlines on important projects, chances are it's because you're wasting valuable time on work that is not as relevant to your goals or desired results.

time management sheets to help scheduling

Planning your priorities on paper reduces procrastination and keeps you focused. It helps you identify what needs to be done first according to importance, rather than urgency.

This ensures those big projects get the attention they deserve and are completed with plenty of time to spare; and the less important tasks get dealt with as time permits (do schedule some time each day for these tasks or they will build up and become unmanageable).

Time Management Techniques: Make Sure You Set Goals

Your goals need to be the basis of all your time management activities. If you don't outline them clearly and specifically in writing, it's very difficult to create effective planning strategies.

But goal setting is not something that comes naturally to many people – you need to be somewhat disciplined and ensure that you define clear action steps to achieve your goals.

Time Management Sheets or Logs

Logging your use of time is a great way to keep track of how much work you actually do and where you get distracted. To make the process simpler you can use a sheet which is already laid out with times of the day so you can fill it in as you go about your business.

time management sheets

Make sure that you log in the activities that must be completed that day (the priorities) and what goals those activities meet; that you identify the less important tasks to be done; that you identify the time you spend on meals and other breaks; your family and friends time; communication time (mail, email, phone, voice mail); and everything else you spend time on.

Why Manage Activities? Your Business Results Will Improve

Using time management sheets is a great example of a technique which can have a big impact. It's an activity you should put yourself through at least once every three months or so. It helps you get a clear picture of whether or not you’re becoming more efficient over the long term. It also helps you catch old bad habits which you’ve tried to eliminate but that keep creeping back into your work day, causing you to waste precious time.

Managing Time is Necessary to Managing Your Business

Time management sheets or logs are necessary to track, measure, analyze and improve your productivity. Also necessary is the ability to prioritize your activities and relate them to your business, and personal, goals. Once you learn to acknowledge the most important tasks you have to do and tackle them first, you’ll automatically find you start to get more done.

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