Quick Tips for Starting a Business

And a Free Business Plan Evaluation
for both new, and existing, businesses

Use these tips for starting a business - or for managing an existing small business. Includes a free business plan evaluation (valued at $125) and information on business case evaluation.

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These Tips for Starting a Business are a quick checklist approach to opening a business. If you are already running a business, use this as an overview to see if you need to review any of these tips or steps.

Decide on your business structure: sole proprietorship, business partnership or incorporation (check with your local government for the best structure for your business).

Develop a business plan outline; then test your business case. Can you make a profit? Do you have the cash flow to survive? Do you have the capital funds to start out? Do you have the staff or resources necessary?

From your business case evaluation (try to have a third party review it - an advisor, your lender, or a consultant or knowledgeable friend or associate), build your strategic plan.

Quick Tips for Starting a Business: your strategic plan needs to include the following:

  • Executive Summary (not more than 2 pages and preferably 1 page).
  • Business Background - what your operation does, who the owners are - what makes your capabilities are, how long in business, and any other information that is relevant.
  • Marketing Plan: this needs to cover product or service, pricing, distribution and promotion and sales strategies and tactics. It also needs to cover your competitive environment, the industry you will be (or are) operating in, and your unique value proposition and competitive advantage.
  • Sales Plan: this needs to be a realistic plan (it's easy to over-estimate - be conservative).
  • Operations Plan: this needs to address resources - both people and equipment.
  • Financial Plan: understand what your cash flow needs will be and how to raise startup funds - make sure you address these and pull together a 5 year plan and forecast.
  • Other plans that are specific to your organization, such as a market research plan.
  • Your plan objectives and goals.
  • Your plan strategies and actions.

Important Note:
You Can Receive a Free Business Plan Evaluation - Maximum Review of 30 Plan Pages.

Use the comment box in the form below to tell me what you want me to focus on in the business plan review (areas of concern). Starting a new venture can be a challenge; find out if your plan is strong enough or what you need to do to improve it.

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You will receive a two page evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your business plan or business case evaluation.

If you don't want a free business plan review but would rather have a free business case evaluation, use the form above and clearly state in the comments box that you want a business case review.

Tips for starting a business: business success tools and tips can help you with starting your venture and building good results, faster.

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