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Samples of Marketing Objectives for Water Refilling Business

by J.

I need to know some samples of marketing objectives for a water refilling business - I'm doing my thesis.

Response from Kris:
Most businesses have a primary objective of growth in their marketplace - that would likely be the same for a water refilling business. Here are some general objectives that come to mind:

  1. Grow market share by 20%

  2. Grow geographic market by 30%

  3. Increase brand awareness and brand recognition (e.g. signage or wraps on vehicles delivering water)

  4. Build reputation through the use of social media: begin a dialogue on the benefits of water

  5. Network with local business associations (within the driving region of the water refilling business). By networking you can build business through referrals and connections.

  6. Increase public awareness of environmental benefits of water refilling (of large dispensers) over individual water bottles

  7. Increase public awareness of health benefits of drinking water

  8. Build a unique value proposition that differentiates our water refilling business from the competition (built on the features, advantages and benefits of your product and services).

When you write marketing objectives you need to make sure you define what you want to achieve (grow sales, launch a new product, enter a new marketplace, add a new branch, etc.); how you plan to achieve that objective (see the above list); what the time frame is (one year or ?) to achieve the objective; and what the market segment is (target market), and why this is an important objective.

I also recommend building an action or implementation plan that sets regular (monthly) performance indicators so that you can recognize when you're on-track to meet your objective(s) or recognize that you have a problem and that you need to do something to ensure that you achieve the goals.

Hope that helps.

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