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Measuring Daily Effectiveness of Marketing and Sales Staff

by Femi Ajayi
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Can someone advise me of daily measurable tasks of a sales or marketing person on the field prospecting for clients? Is there a KPI template to use?

Response From Kris at More For Small Business:

Hi Femi: The most common list of KPIs that I've seen includes the following:

Top Key Performance Indicators for Sales Staff

  1. value added/sales (measures quality of work/clients). The backslash represents 'divided by' - to express as a percentage or ratio.

  2. gross profit/value added (this can be by sales staff; by division; by overall company;

  3. Sales per Salesperson;

  4. Value added per Salesperson;

  5. Receivable Days Outstanding - measures health of your clients; compare sales mix (i.e. by sales person);

  6. Mix of new clients (new is defined as less than two years with the company) compared to long term clients - by sales person.

You need to set your goals and/or baseline and then measure and compare. For example, your goal might be 20% better than your best sales person.

In terms of KPIs for marketing staff, that is typically more specific to product line performance and management; product campaign successes (and failures); return on investment for the dollars spent on marketing; etc.

The importance of using KPIs or other measurement tools (such as balanced scorecard, results based management, value based management, etc.) is that if helps you to track performance against goals. When you set goals, measure performance, and analyze results you will be better able to reach those goals and improve performance.

As a manager or supervisor, it's important to initially set achievable goals so that employees feel that they are reachable. Then, make the goals more of a 'stretch' so that the employee will also 'stretch' and grow.

Hopefully others will respond to your question as well.

Hope that helps. Regards, Kris

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