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Marketing Mix Promotion: How to Promote our Business?

by David, Ronan, Martin and Paddy

Marketing mix promotion challenge: We have set up a voluntary organisation which aims to put the volunteer in contact with the person in need of their help.

We are in Ireland and our business operates across quite a small area. However promoting our business seems quite a challenge. What do you think are the best forms of advertising a small company and how do you attract an audience of friends on blogging sites, such as Twitter.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for your time.

Update from Kris at More for Small Business
Just checking in to see how your business is doing. Hopefully you have been able to achieve your objectives. If you have an update, please post a comment on this page. I'm particularly interested to hear about your marketing approach - what worked and what didn't. Please share with the rest of us.

Follow up Tips for Marketing your Business:

From a social media perspective do make sure that you're actively working with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Ning, Foursquare and other locally dominant online social networks. Social media is growing but be careful about how you spend time on social media (it can become a real time drain).

As important as online social media is, so if offline networking. The power of face to face networking is substantial. Try to participate in local business associations (if there isn't one in your area ,then consider setting up your own business network (usually a group of 10 to 12 local business owners or managers).

If you need referrals or connections to potential clients, it's important to build a strong (either online or offline) referral network. Also consider building strategic alliances or partnerships so that you can work together to achieve individual and joint objectives.

Read more about Effective Business Networking Techniques.
An overview of how to build a Marketing Mix program
And a specific look at Marketing Mix Promotion.

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